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Rosenfeld's Entertainment Transactions Group has been advising and representing Hollywood studios, independent production companies, film financiers, sales agents, producers, and talent for nearly sixty years. We also represent and counsel television networks, television studios, international distribution companies, digital content providers and rights holders in the robust marketplace for original series programming on multiple platforms. As the entertainment industry becomes more globally and technologically driven -- and therefore increasingly complicated -- our transactional attorneys are well-positioned to handle our clients' legal and business affairs needs across a wide variety of deals.

We bring the sophistication and experience necessary to tackle the kinds of high-level company-side matters that are frequently negotiated – often with less efficiency and more delay -- by large institutional firms. Unlike our bigger competitors, however, we possess the practical, on-the-ground knowledge required to manage projects in an expert yet timely and cost-effective manner. Many of us have worked in-house as lawyers or executives at entertainment companies and on the talent side, so we understand the big picture, as well as the mindset and objectives of the people on the other side of the negotiating table. This background and savvy within the industry ecosystem enables us to make the best deals – with the right protections but without unnecessary friction.

We are also renowned for ardently representing top entertainment talent, including Academy, Emmy and Grammy award-winners, as well as emerging talent and the next generation in the performing arts.  In the feature film and television worlds, we provide informed and collaborative counsel to actors, writers, producers, showrunners, directors, and other creators.   We also have a strong presence in the music industry, representing established song-writers, composers and music supervisors, recording artists, music publishers, record companies and labels, and concert promoters on matters ranging from recording contracts and live concert deals to the acquisition of music catalogues.

Our firm is well-known for our representation of corporations, partnerships, and individuals in negotiating and accounting of profit participations and financing arrangements in theatrical motion picture and television product, and for record and publishing royalties.

Additionally, we possess the capabilities to perform all development, production and distribution related business affairs and legal services for the studios, production / distribution companies, and networks which develop and produce projects for theatrical release, television broadcast and digital distribution, as well as all the related ancillary exploitation deals.

We know the importance of being fast, personalized, and entrepreneurial in helping our entertainment clients to leverage and monetize their creativity, financial resources, and intellectual property as thoughtfully and effectively as possible.

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