Todd Bonder Quoted in Daily Journal Story on "Star Trek: Axanar" Fan Film

May 11, 2016

Co-managing partner Todd Bonder analyzed instances of alleged copyright infringement in the upcoming "Star Trek: Axanar" fan film for a recent article in the Daily Journal.

Paramount Pictures Corp. and CBS Studios Inc. filed suit against the Kickstarter darling Axanar Productions, the group behind the fan film, which had raised more than half a million dollars from backers to help fund production.

Bonder observed, "On some level, the plaintiffs would be better off waiting until the film is done. But on the other hand, they want to put a kibosh on it, to at least stake their ground."

Bonder said that the more general elements -- such as the appearance of an alien or a costume -- might not rise to the level of infringement.  But more precise elements -- like specific characters or environments originally seen in the source material -- could spell trouble for Axanar Productions.

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