Bonder, Lapine Scrutinize Security Cameras After Hogan-Gawker, KKG Cases

Law and Privacy In the Age of Constant Surveillance, Snapchat and the Internet

March 29, 2016

Co-managing partner Todd Bonder and partner Ryan Lapine teamed up to review the state of privacy law in the age of constant surveillance, Snapchat, and the Internet.

Touching on issues like the reasonable expectations of privacy when it comes to home surveillance cameras and the lack of clear guidance in this developing area of law, the article begins:

The security camera had been installed in the chapter room of a Dallas sorority house to protect the young women living there.  But after several of the sorority sisters danced in various stages of undress during what was supposed to be a private ritual, that camera was turned against them.

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PDF | Camera Privacy: From Hulk Hogan to Kappa Kappa Gamma